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Congenital heart disease means a heart condition or defect that develops in the womb, before a baby is born. Sometimes these abnormalities are picked up at the 20 week scan but in Summers case it was not.  Although scientist cannot 100% be sure what causes them to happen, it is likely the defect occurs in the early stages of babies development, a faulty gene or chromosome. There is some evidence they could be inherent, but in Summers instance it does not run in her family.

There are many different types of congenital heart disease. For example, a baby’s heart valves may not be properly formed or there may be holes between the chambers of their heart. Summer has a common heart condition called Ventricular Septum Defect.

In some cases the hole will close or the defect correct itself, others will need surgical intervention to fix the problem. Summer will undergo surgery as soon as possible. We hope to use this blog to share our journey with you, provide news, and most importantly provide a platform for you to tell us your experiences and raise funds for GOSH along the way.

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